Monday, September 29, 2008

Now we're cookin'....

I have discovered that I can actually cook! For so long I thought I was pretty unskilled when it came to whipping up Martha's latest recipe. And just because I have a subscription to Everyday Food certainly did not mean that I knew what I was doing. But, guess what... I am pretty good at it. Mark always says that I cook really well, but he also knows that he lives with me and wants a happy life he better compliment my cooking. So he is biased. Not really! Lately, I have been cooking and baking for us and for our neighbor friends. And they say it's pretty good too! So there you have it folks - I am a good cook! Every good cook needs good cookware - well at least a cook needs cookware. I have been making do with what we had. Mark and I both had hand-me-down Teflon coated cookware that was BAD! BAD! BAD! The Teflon coating was chipping away. If I recall, that's pretty bad and if that stuff ended up in your food it could cause cancer. YIKES. On Sunday, we ran to Macy's (surprise, surprise - they were having a sale). I picked up this NEW glorious cookware (isn't it beautiful!) and I didn't spend a fortune. I figure I will do that on my next set - when I decide I am bound to be the next Food Network star!

Tonight we are off to The Swell Season concert here in Dallas. Mark and I fell in love their tunes when we saw the movie Once almost two years ago. We have been looking forward to this show for months. I can't wait!


Lainey-Paney said...

your cookware certainly does look fabulous.

...and if you need to do some extra cooking to break those pans in---well, just remember, we eat dinner 7 nights a week.... and you know where we live.

And----proof that you're a good cook: everyone at the party was raving about your apple dip!
(Oh, BTW, I have your dishes! and your margarita machine...)

KiaBia said...

PAM! Yay, for cooking! I ahve been having some food magic days in the kitchen myself. It;s an esteem booster when your man loves your food.

And my friend saw Swell Season in Austin this weekend too! Yay! Definitely good music.

Chris & Leslie said...

Um ,yeah! I am still dreaming about that creamy Pasta dish that you cooked for Nate & Tera!!! What's up? When is the next Pamie Pasta Dinner!

Pam said...

Leslie, we totally need to do that dinner again soon. Now that I have a pot big enough to cook all the pasta that I need to feed the neighborhood gang. Last time I had to cook it in two pots!

Kimberly said...

that's it!
you have a margarita machine?!?
I KNEW I loved you!

MISS you, nutball!
what the hell have you been up to?!?!?!